Three Taverns Church

About Three Taverns Church

Come see what church in a bar looks like at Three Taverns Church! We meet at 9am every Sunday at Frank’s Place in Ocoee. Click here for more information about Frank’s Place, including location and reviews.

Free mimosas are served after every service. See you Sunday!


Three Taverns Church is a Nondenominational Christian church meeting at Frank’s Place Sports Bar in Ocoee, FL. The idea to start a church in a bar came one night over drinks after a long day of ministry classes. My friends and I were sitting around a table and one of us suddenly blurted out, “Look at all these people…they’re obviously hungry for something…why can’t we start a church in a bar?”

It seems that all people, consciously or unconsciously, are seeking meaning and purpose in their lives. From our perspective, life’s ultimate meaning and purpose is found in the person and Jesus Christ…and we don’t think you need to be in a church building to find Him. I’ve been in a lot of churches in my lifetime, I’ve got a masters degree in ministry, and I drive past plenty of churches I’d never want to step foot in.

There seem to be a lot of traditional churches which are not attractive, friendly, loving places. In fact, the opposite often seems to be true: These churches can seem intimidating, fake, or exclusive. Many people look at these churches and feel like they need to get their lives straightened out before they show up.

Not us! At its core, Three Taverns Church is an experiment. Can we break these stereotypes and make “church” a place where anyone and everyone feels welcome?

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