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The Trinity: Practical Joke or Object Lesson?

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What if God is modeling life/reality/illusion/existence for us through the Trinity?

I was listening Ram Dass talk about the illusion of separateness between people when this idea struck me. There’s a widely-held idea that though we all seem to be separate beings living our own lives, we’re actually all one Being living It’s own life in a myriad number of distinct-but-not-separate ways. Which to me sounds a lot like the Trinity.

The Trinity is the Christian triune God-head, three distinct-but-not-separate Beings who are all actually One Being, the One God of Israel. It’s a concept I still don’t really understand and can’t explain well to my kids, even after earning a Masters degree in ministry.

So what if the God of Israel as revealed in the Holy Bible is trying to show us what life is really about through His modelling of the Trinity? We’ve got God the Father (with His many Hebrew names), God the Holy Spirit (think: Pillar of Cloud & Flame of Moses fame) and God the Son (Jesus of Nazareth, a.k.a. the Son of Man). According to Christian tradition, God the Father, Son, and Spirit are all distinct…aspects?….of God, but as we all know, the Lord our God, the Lord is One. Not Three. So distinct might not even be the right way to explain this. Sorry, it’s very confusing for me.

But my point is this: What if God is putting us on a little bit with the whole Trinity idea? Like this, maybe:

Humanity: “We are all separate and unique individuals, cut off from the Creator, each of us alone in this hostile world, woe are we!”

God: “Uh, hey guys, you’re not alone. I’m with you all the time. Like right now. And now again. I don’t actually go anywhere…neither do you, actually…it’s kinda funny, see, time is meaningle…”

Humanity (interrupting God): “We live and we die, woe are we! We are like the grass of the field, here one day and burned in unquenchable fire the next! Woe, woe!”

God: “Guys, try to keep up. None of you are alone. We are all one! Your idea of a separate ‘self’ is an illusion. Your ideas of “us” and “them” are all wrong! There is only “us”! Let me show you. See, now I’m the Creator, the Spirit of Creation, and a Jewish carpenter. To you it might seem like there’s three of Me, but that’s the trick! I’m still just One! Get it?”

Humanity: “We must teach the heathen what our great God has revealed to us, and kill any who get in our way!”

God: “Oy vey…”

I hope I’m making sense. I’m just spit-balling at this point, and I don’t necessarily believe any of this, but it is an interesting idea, no?

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