Three Taverns Church

Mind…(wait for it)…Blown!

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This will be quick, but please take the time to read this and watch the linked video. I would love to hear if anyone else has experienced this as well.

First, please re-read this excerpt from my post “The Day God Changed My Life“:

“You see Him when you connect with another soul. This is why Jesus said, “When two or more are gathered in my name, I am there…” So that each can look into the eyes of God.”

Now please click here to watch a short video of guru Ram Dass. If you want to cut to the chase, watch from about 4:15 – 7:50. The critical moments are at about 6:10 and 7:30 when Ram Dass talks about “Channel 4” and the “next channel”, respectively. This is exactly what I was describing above. Here is a man I hadn’t met nor heard of at the time. I’ve never used the drugs he’d used, or listed to his talks, or read his books. And yet here he is, in this video, describing the exact thing that I experienced. Mind –> blown.

And so I wonder: Who else has experienced this?

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