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The Double Standard Of Islam

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Every day around the world there are “some” Muslims murdering Christians and others under the umbrella of Muslim “laws”.

A few hundred years ago the rules were reversed and “some” Christians were murdering Muslims, Jews, and others under similar Christian “laws” and beliefs.

Looking back, most Christians have no trouble acknowledging these egregious sins…in fact, some social commentators and authors have made a good living decrying these terrible acts and levying responsibility, guilt and shame against the contemporary Christian faithful.

Why, then, is it unfair for me to look at what is happening around the Islamic world today and raise the same cry of disgust and alarm? How are Muslims today less responsible for the current state of their religion than contemporary Christians are for the sins of their forebears? Is it enough for contemporary Muslims to disavow the behavior of “some” radical Muslims, or should they be vocal, active opponents of those people whom they claim pervert their faith?

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