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The Flower Exercise

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The Flower Exercise is part of the super-popular book “What Color Is Your Parachute” which has sold over 10,000,000 copies to date. Designed by author Richard Bolles, the Exercise is a series of activities designed to help career-change job seekers find their dream jobs. I am currently working towards transitioning out of the finance & accounting field into something new. The career counselor I’m working with had me complete the Exercise, and I thought I’d share the results with you. Note: All lists are numbered according to ranked preference, except Traits which are alphabetical.

Although I’ve completed the Exercise, I still don’t know what kind of job/career to pursue next. That’s where you come in. I would greatly appreciate it if you would thoughtfully read all of the following information, and suggest any jobs/job titles/careers that come to mind.

Thank you!!!

The Flower Exercise

Part 1: Values I Want To Serve
1) The Human Spirit – Represents the desire for more spirituality, faith, compassion, forgiveness, and love for God and the human family in the world.
2) The Mind – Represents the desire for more knowledge, truth, and clarity in the world.
3) Entertainment – Represents the desire to lighten people’s loads, giving them perspective, helping them forget their cares, and the desire for more laughter and joy in the world.

…or said another way:

1) Adventure
2) Risk-Taking
3) Family
4) Spirituality
5) Meaning
6) Challenge
7) Fun
8) Health
9) Variety
10) Learning

Part 2: Expertise I Have Which I Want To Continue Using
1) Transforming Ideas Into Action
2) Startup or Turnaround Situations
3) Energizing Plans
4) Making Profound Impressions
5) Verbal Communication
6) Putting People At Ease

Part 3: Transferable Skills I Want To Use
1) Acting On “Gut” Reactions
2) Taking Risks
3) Developing Rapport
4) Making Decisions Affecting Others
5) Being Physically Active
6) Motivating Others

…in conjunction with the following Traits:

1) Achievement oriented
2) Adaptable
3) Adept at having fun
4) Courageous
5) Decisive
6) Dependable
7) Energetic
8) Impulsive
9) Open-minded
10) Outgoing
11) Perceptive
12) Quick
13) Self-motivated

Part 4: In These People-Environments
1) Enterprising – People who like to start up projects or organizations, and/or influence or persuade people
2) Social – People who are bent on trying to help, teach, or serve people
3) Investigative – People who are very curious, liking to investigate or analyze things

Part 5: In These Working Conditions
1) Enduring and intrinsic value of my work and the company’s product or service
2) Clear, but not rigid, direction and goals to work towards
3) A supportive and mentoring supervisor who does not micromanage
4) A low amount of repetition and routine in the normal, day-to-day job functions
5) A clean, well-lit and orderly space, surrounded y architectural and natural beauty

Part 6: At One Of These Levels Of Responsibility
1) On a team of equals
2) Boss or CEO
3) Working alone, as an employee or consultant, or a one-person business

So…what do you think? What could all this be pointing towards?

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