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My Life Stories, #4 – I Kissed A Girl

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As part of my search for a new career, the woman I’m working with has asked me to complete an exercise to identify my “transferrable skills”. In order to do this, I’m to write seven stories from my life that will (hopefully!) make those skills clear and obvious. So sit back and enjoy the stories; I’m sure you’ll learn something new about me.

Don’t judge me, but this is not a story about my wife and I. No, this story happened much earlier in my life. I think I was in seventh or eighth grade, though I’m not exactly sure when it took place. The exact date is irrelevant. What’s important is that puberty had hit and I was very young and curious about girls.

My family and I were traveling to the East Coast to visit family in Ohio or Florida…whatever. Anyway, on a flight that was probably the nine hour direct Honolulu-Chicago route, I met a girl that absolutely captivated me. I can’t remember what she looked like, but I remember the excited-confused-stimulated feeling that came over me when I first saw her. All through the flight we flirted back and forth, and I was getting all sort of feelings, if you know what I mean. I decided I needed to kiss this girl. And not a peck on the cheek, either.

So all through the flight I tried to engineer a rendezvous somewhere out of sight of our respective parents, which was not easy to do considering we were on a narrow aluminum tube cruising at 37,000 feet and 500 knots. I don’t remember kissing on the plane. Mostly it was just trading excited looks back and forth. We may have passed notes, too. It seemed that every time one of us was able to get free, the other was stuck. Or we’d both meet up at the rear of the plane, only to find ourselves reduced to discreet conversation, surrounded by everyone else who was restless and bored on that long flight. The closer we got to Chicago, the lower my spirits sank. It seemed that nothing was going to happen with this girl.

Then we landed, and I thought we were through…until I saw her family headed toward the same car rental desk as ours! I caught her eye and started wandering away from my family, while motioning for her to follow me. We found a deserted transit desk and spent the next few minutes in adolescent bliss.

Eventually we realized that our parents each had their car reservations and were looking for us, and we had to split. I think I got her phone number and address, and I think we traded a few calls and letters. I absolutely remember how electric those few minutes were, though!

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