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My Life Stories, #1 – The Kegger

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As part of my search for a new career, the woman I’m working with has asked me to complete an exercise to identify my “transferrable skills”. In order to do this, I’m to write seven stories from my life that will (hopefully!) make those skills clear and obvious. So sit back and enjoy the stories; I’m sure you’ll learn something new about me.

During my junior year of college at the University of Washington I wanted to throw an epic spring break party that my friends and I would never forget. The problems were obvious: Where to have the party (the location needed to be amazing); how to get to this fabulous location; how to keep the cost low enough for a bunch of college kids to afford; getting enough people to show up to make the trip truly “epic”.

The first step was to get a list of tentative attendees. Luckily I was living in a co-ed dorm and I was friends with a couple of very popular girls on the floor above us. It was relatively easy to spread the word and get a large group to sign up. Once I had our guest list, I needed to figure out where we were going. As with any epic college trip, some traveling was required. But we were on a budget so flying anywhere was out of the question. I did research online and decided upon a beautiful lake on the Olympic peninsula. The distance was just right (several hours’ drive) and the location was remote enough to make us feel like we were the kings and queens of that lake.

Then came the tricky part: Renting a house for the weekend. Not many people were falling over themselves at the prospect of allowing a group of fifteen college kids to rent their homes for a long weekend. So I lied. I said it was just myself and a few buddies who wanted to spend the weekend fishing and hanging out. I’m not proud of what I did, but it worked. We put our deposit down and got the keys in the mail.

And the party was amazing. I took a ton of pictures. People drank too much. We did keg stands. I’m pretty sure everyone got sick at one point or another. One couple broke up the next morning when he found her in bed with another guy. I actually met my wife at this party. I think I fell in love with her that night, but I was too worried about my drunken friends tearing the place apart to enjoy the moment.

My friends and I still reminisce about that weekend. It was one of the biggest trips of our time in college and I think it helped each of us bond and grow closer to one another. And of course, I’ve still got great blackmail photos if any of my friends ever runs for office. 😀

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