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10 Things You Can Do Tomorrow To Be More Like Jesus


As a Christian I believe I should try to live my life the way Jesus lived His. Heck, even if I wasn’t a Christian I’d have to admit Jesus did something right; we’re still talking about Him 2,000 years later! Of course, He was the Son of God, and that’s a hard act to follow. But today’s list isn’t about perfection or being Jesus, it’s about trying to live like Jesus and observing the process and results.

Without further ado, here are my ten suggestions for how each of us can live like Jesus tomorrow:

    1. If you get mad at someone, forgive him or her right away. Do this as many times as necessary.
    2. Leave your TV off all day. Don’t listen to the radio. Don’t check Facebook. Don’t even read this blog. Whenever you have a quiet moment, instead of distracting yourself with noise or busyness, reflect and pray.
    3. Look up to heaven and say a quiet “thank you” every time food or drink touches your lips.
    4. Let at least two people go in front of you at the checkout line.
    5. Look everyone in the eye and smile at them.
    6. Pick a charity and decide on an amount to donate. Double that amount. Donate.
    7. Be honest with everyone, especially yourself and God.
    8. Take responsibility for all of your attitudes and actions.
    9. Pay for the drive-thru order of the person behind you, regardless of the amount or the brand of drive-thru.
    10. Set aside time to pray for the person in your life who gives you the most heartache. Ask God to help you love that person.

I’d love for you to come back on Saturday and let me know which suggestions you followed and how things went. Good luck tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “10 Things You Can Do Tomorrow To Be More Like Jesus

  1. Thanks for the share, such great tips!

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