Three Taverns Church

Fire Your Perfectionism

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Three Taverns Church

Dear Mr. Perfectionism,

When I first hired you more than twenty years ago I thought I’d made a brilliant move. You seemed like the perfect choice: A person who hates making mistakes and works as hard as he can to avoid them. It turns out I was mistaken. Hiring you was one of the worst decisions I ever made. Luckily, as of today I no longer have to live with that mistake. Mr. Perfectionism: You’re fired.

The trouble with you is that your perfectionist attitudes and actions were never really about heightened performance; you were never really concerned with the health of this business. Rather, what you were worried about was how people perceived you. When I fired your friend Mr. Insecurity the other day, I told him something very similar. You are both so wrapped up in, and dependent upon, the perceptions of others for self-worth that you will…

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