Three Taverns Church

Fire Your Anger

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Three Taverns Church

Mr. Anger:

Your employment here is terminated, effectively immediately. I hate to fire folks on the weekend, but I couldn’t take the chance that you would cause a disruption at the office upon receiving this news.

You have cost me untold sums in terms of damage to my relationships with others. I am not sure if your problem is that you feel you are ‘entitled to better’, or if you think you are somehow superior to everyone around you and are thus justified in treating everyone with anger and contempt. You earned our company a nickname in our ‘college years’: Wigout. You were so proud of that name because it signified that someone had noticed you. Is that what prompted your irrational and unproductive behavior all these years? Were you simply trying to be noticed? Or perhaps your rage was a response to a feeling of your own powerlessness?


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