Three Taverns Church

Fire Your Fear

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Three Taverns Church

Dear Mr. Fear,

You have been with this company for more than 30 years; that is quite a long run! However, I am happy to say that as of today your services are longer required and you are hereby released from your contract.

I know you’ve worked here a long time, but please don’t take this personally; the company is actually eliminating your entire department. Mr. Anxiety and Mr. Cowardice are being released from their contracts as well. You see, we have outsourced your department’s work to an independent consulting agency called Father, Son & Holy Spirit. These consultants come very highly recommended and have already begun making an incredible impact here at the company. Because you have worked here for so long I feel it would be inappropriate to send you off without a final review of your contributions to our organization; I owe you that much.

You were…

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