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The Day The Muslim Called Me Out

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Here’s another post from our guest-writer, “Jane”. Enjoy!

I had an awful experience flying out of NYC once. I vowed afterward to never fly again. Inevitably, when I was forced to fly again (post-9/11 no less) I tried all kinds of ways to bargain with God to get out of it. I was real unhappy when I had to board the plane that morning.

I got to the airport and I was all kinds of racial profiling. And I found him. The guy who walks up too early, continuously looking around and at his watch, leaving for a while (without taking his bags!) only to come back to watch everyone else board first.

I honestly debated on saying something to the gate people, the flight attendants, anyone. I was about to throw up; I had a panic attack building as he pulled out some sort of book, a necklace with a charm, and started murmuring all over them.

I got ready to get up and leave, to get off the plane. I was not taking that flight. And then – I kid you not – I found myself sitting next him. He looked at me and asked, “Yes?” I said, “I’m scared.” He said, “Of what?” What I thought was, “Oh, so much.” What I actually said is, “Of you”.

I went on to explain exactly why I was afraid of him with my step-by-step logical reasoning. Then I said, “I don’t want to be scared, though.” The man told me his name and explained just as methodically why I absolutely did not need to be afraid of him. He told me what he had been doing and explained the things I had freaked out about.

He asked me if I prayed. “Well, of course! I’m a Christian!!” He said he was praying to God, too; to Allah. He showed me pictures of his family, asked me about mine…I guess I was pretty pale because he said to me, “Do you believe in God or not?”

At that point I thought, “Dude, you don’t believe Jesus is God’s Son. You think he is just a great teacher. You’re Muslim. If the plane goes down I’m getting into Heaven, not you.” What I thankfully said instead was, “Why are you asking me that?” He said, “You’ve prayed. If you believe in God, it’s His now. You have no reason to worry, whatever happens. So, do you believe in God or not?”

That has stuck with me ever since. From that point on I’ve tried, in everything I do and pray, to really give it up to God. I have no reason to worry, whatever may happen. When I find it’s too hard to not worry, I ask myself, “Do I believe in God…or not?”

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