Three Taverns Church

Will God Be There?

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We’re about to find out.

A few weeks ago I wrote about running toward the cliff’s edge and trusting in God. Well, we’re at the cliff’s edge now. The money’s gone; we’re cashing out our 401(k) accounts.

Part of me feels like a failure as a husband and father; maybe you can relate? Society expected me to support my family and I’ve failed miserably. The only thing left to me is hope, the same hope Israel had when times were darkest and it seemed there was no way out.

I still believe God called me to Florida, and no, I don’t believe He called me here to die. Are you in a similar place? Are you holding on to nothing but hope? Let’s you and I make a deal: Let’s hold on one more day to see what God has planned…what do you say?

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