Three Taverns Church

Three Taverns Church Update 12-17-13

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This is a quick update on Three Taverns Church. We found the location for our first church plant: A sports bar called Frank’s Place in Ocoee, FL.

Our first service will be at 9am on February 1st, 2014!

We earnestly believe God wants Christians to step foot in every part of the world. We believe church buildings are viewed by people outside the faith as hostile, unwelcoming places. We believe everyone is searching for God, either consciously or unconsciously, and that seeking and worshipping God in a bar is no less appropriate than doing so in a coffee shop, church or temple.

You can continue to follow this adventure through this blog or through our FB page: Please go there now and “Like” us to be updated on church news and events.

If you have any questions shoot them my way. As always we greatly appreciate your kind words, prayers, and support. God bless you, and have a tremendous day!


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