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Running Towards The Cliff’s Edge


Sometimes faith is like running towards the cliff’s edge.

Part of you knows the cliff’s edge is there, and it terrifies you. Every step you take, every minute of every day, brings you closer to the edge. Part of you knows that at some point you’ll take that last step and the ground won’t rise to meet you. Your foot will push through air on its way to the ground, only this time there won’t be any ground and you’ll fall.

Your friends and family will see you sprinting towards the cliff’s edge and they’ll call out warnings to you. In their love and concern for you they will try to stop you short of that dreadful fall because they believe consequences and death await you at the rocky bottom.

The world will call you a fool, and you’ll feel a fool at times for dashing towards the cliff’s edge. What sane, rational person would do such a thing? There’s an edge, and then nothing but a long drop and a sudden stop. On your way to the cliff’s edge you’ll wonder over and over if you placed your faith in something true or false. Perhaps you misunderstood God’s call. Maybe you were wrong to begin; it’s not too late to stop your mad dash. There’s still time to save yourself and your family from financial ruin. Voices around you and inside you will scream for you to stop your suicidal run. Fear will grip you: Fear that you were wrong to begin and wrong to continue; fear that it wasn’t God after all but your own foolish pride; fear that your misplaced faith will not be rewarded. You’ll think to yourself, Don’t be stupid! There’s nothing there! Save yourself while there’s still time!

But there’s another part of you, a still, small voice, that encourages you to take one more step, to wait one more day, to hope against all hope that the cliff’s edge is not an end but a beginning. The voice will tell you that in your run towards the cliff’s edge you are strengthening yourself and growing in ways you do not yet understand. If you’re lucky there will be a handful of people around you encouraging you in the same way.

Faith will tell you that one day soon you’ll reach the cliff’s edge in a dead sprint and see that the first step off the cliff isn’t the beginning of your fall; it’s the beginning of your flight.


11 thoughts on “Running Towards The Cliff’s Edge

  1. Reblogged this on behindenemyliness and commented:
    Love the end quote. “The first step off the cliffs edge isn’t the end but the beginning of your flight” I think it went something like that

  2. Awesome post! I’m sharing this!

  3. Agreed! Great last statement!

  4. thank you for the encouragement.

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