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Rambling Thoughts


As part of the process of moving to Orlando my wife and I are praying and searching for a new home church. We attended a huge church tonight but left less than ten minutes into the sermon, feeling sick as we drove away.

I wondered: Was the church always that bad or was there a slow decline toward paganism? The church belongs to a major denomination and probably has thousands of members, but what we saw was less like a church and more like a televised event. My wife said it was the first time she’d ever been in a church she considered Pharisaical. Within the first few minutes the pastor as good as said it’s OK for Christians to be normal people and leave the gospel-spreading to special people like the Apostle Paul.

Spreading the Gospel is not a part-time job and it is not just for pastors or “special” people.

One person recently told me I was wrong to want to plant churches in bars because, as he put it, “Christians aren’t supposed to go looking for trouble.” I agree: They’re not supposed to go looking for trouble.  But they’re also not supposed to let people or circumstances stop them from proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ: “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.” (Matthew 16:25, NIV)

Is someone holding you back from preaching the Word or telling you to only preach their “version” of it? Get away from them ASAP.

Has someone told you that you need a certain education or spiritual gifting before you can share your testimony or talk about your relationship with Jesus? They’re lying to you.

Do you attend a church that doesn’t pass the “sniff test” but are afraid to speak up because the other members seem content? Ask some hard questions and listen to the answers with an open heart.  You may be wrong and learn something, or you may be right and learn to get the hell out!

5 thoughts on “Rambling Thoughts

  1. I agree that while we as followers of Christ aren’t to go “looking for trouble”, we ARE to go looking for troubled people. God often calls us to places that might be out of our comfort zone, but it is in those places where He will use us to shine His light into the darkness that many troubled people find themselves.

  2. I hope there’s an awakening going on among christians of the straying that has taken place in the church. I often feel I’m not aware enough to note the differences…then, I realize that while a bit of education might be helpful, I don’t have to know all about how the church has wandered – I only have to listen to the Holy Spirit and be willing to act. Thanks for posting!

    • Thank you so much for reading! I think there must be something going on the church…and we are missing Generations Y and later. We’ve got to find a way to change the “Church” to reach the next generation(s). I really like the fact that you acknowledge action on your part is required. Knowing there’s a problem and complaining isn’t enough.

  3. An interesting thing is going on now in our youth group (I’m a counselor). We’ve drifted in the last year from really connecting with the kids. We meet weekly and seem to be a robust youth group by worldly standards. But some of the adult leadership has recently raised the lack of connection issue with the pastor. Last night we had a worship night – the whole night (2 1/.2 hours). It was great – I saw the kids connecting at a deeper level – it was the Spirit at work. I know, I experienced it myself.

    I think we get into “prescriptions” way too easily when the real “method” is to worship Him, to praise Him, to acknowledge Him – in all that we do. The teens in our group are no different from other teens – or adults for that matter. We all wear masks.

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