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God’s Will Is Not Found Tomorrow, It’s Lived Today


In the last ten days my family drove over three thousand miles, stayed in nine hotels, unloaded and loaded the minivan twice that number, and unpacked a full 5’x8′ trailer. Like Abraham and Sarah we followed God’s call to the land He would show us (in our case Orlando, FL) and once here I couldn’t help but ask, “Now what?” My wife told me I was getting discouraged almost immediately upon arriving here, as if God was supposed to have a house and job waiting for us. Earlier today I caught myself sitting at a traffic signal wondering, “When do I get to start serving the kingdom of God? When will You show me where and how to plant churches?”

The truth is I don’t need to plant churches to serve God’s kingdom. I’m not going to find God’s kingdom tomorrow, like an Easter egg hiding in tall grass. I can only find Him now…and now…and now…in each moment I choose to look for ways to serve Him and His children: Paying for the meal of the guy behind us in the McDonald’s drive-thru; Smiling at the harassed clerk behind the counter of a job she probably never saw herself in at 50; Asking for God’s strength to surrender the lust that threatens to overwhelm me nearly everywhere I go. I don’t have to wait until tomorrow to find God’s will for my life; it’s right here.

I can’t help but be curious: Are you so eagerly awaiting God’s will for your life tomorrow that you are guilty of missing your opportunities to serve Him today? Do you catch yourself at traffic signals thinking, “When God finally does (insert your personal example here) for me, then I am going to really make a difference and expand His kingdom.”

Snap out of your planning, scheming, and daydreaming. Look around you as you walk to lunch or get a cup of coffee. I guarantee you will pass someone who needs your love. Sometimes that love is tender, like a hug. Sometimes that love is tough, like a stern reproach. But in both cases God’s will is done through the love you have for your brothers and sisters.

So go out tomorrow to love and serve the Lord, and His children, too. His plans for you, which are much greater than anything you can dream up in your most creative hour, will come when the time is right. In the meantime, just love one another.


4 thoughts on “God’s Will Is Not Found Tomorrow, It’s Lived Today

  1. Hang in there, please don’t give up.
    I am sure Abraham, Sarah plus their crews got discouraged pretty often. I pray that God will encourage you and your family daily.

  2. Great, great post! I’ve been so guilty of this. Usually it was selfishly motivated to get something that I’d been wanting. But in the last couple years, God has shown me that His time in my life is “now”. He’s provided me with opportunities that I never would’ve imagined. I’ve responded to many of them, blown some of them, and probably missed more than I realize. But as you and your family are so boldly demonstrating, God will do amazing things through us if we will simply be willing to move/act/speak/pray and then are obedient to Him.

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