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On The Road, Day 5: Nebraska City, NE to Marion, IL

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Another long day: Over eight hours and 500 miles. The high point of the day (of the trip, really): Seeing our friends Brent and Andrea, who we haven’t seen in over eight years. The low point of the day: Driving through St. Louis, MO. After days of relaxed driving through the Western expanse of the U.S. we were rudely reintroduced to big-city drivers and traffic.

After five days of driving we are doing surprisingly well! The kids are taking the mileage like champs, and Lane and I are maintaining (most of) our sanity. We are burning through gas like you can’t believe and every hotel room is starting to look and feel the same. But we are in the home stretch now with only a few days to go. We are hoping to see our good friend Chris tomorrow and/or Sunday which would be another great treat for us as we move across the country.

The closer we get to Florida the harder my anxiety tries to gnaw away at me. Still no solid job leads or a place to live. Still no idea how to plant my bar-churches. But I’m still going to the land the Lord showed me, and I have the distinct feeling that no new revelations will be forthcoming until I arrive.

It’s bedtime for the kids. Our son is begging to play, to watch a movie, to do anything to postpone bedtime and thus the morning and the road. He keeps asking if we’re going home yet; it hurts my wife’s heart to know we have no home to go home to. I keep reminding myself that the Son of Man had no place to lay His head.

The more I see of the world the more convinced I become that Jesus was not just a wise teacher. He is the Son of God who has the words of eternal life, who be for me a spring of water welling up.

One thought on “On The Road, Day 5: Nebraska City, NE to Marion, IL

  1. I feel for you, Lane. Home is where the heart is, yes, but, I feel for you, Lane. Our love and prayers are accompanying you on this journey. May the Peace of God be within your tender, trampled heart.

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