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On The Road, Days 3-4: Burley, ID to Nebraska City, NE

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The last two days of driving were long days, with over 8 hours of driving each day. Not a lot for a single adult in a lightly loaded car, but with three kids in a minivan towing a trailer, 8 hours per day is plenty.

We spent Day 3 driving through the remainder of Idaho, a small portion of Utah, and most of Wyoming. We drove across the state of Nebraska on Day 4, doing nearly 80 MPH along deserted Interstate 80 most of the way. We discovered that distances pass quicker than you expect the in long, flat stretches of Wyoming and Nebraska, and that the car burns a lot of fuel when you’re not paying attention; I fueled up twice today but almost ran out of gas just before dinner.

We also discovered that portable DVD players are more trouble than they’re worth: The kids fought over what to watch, who should hold the player, whether to wear headphones, etc. Without the movie player they were forced to play with toys, read books, stare out the window, and take naps…all the things we did when we were taking road trips with our parents.

On a personal level I rediscovered my penchant for jealously, fear, resentment, and doubt. I saw that since being fired from a job in February, my friend and former coworker Nick has been promoted twice. I couldn’t help but realize that while Nick has been successful enough to earn two major promotions, I’ve left/lost two jobs. “Why can’t I be successful like Nick?”, I wonder. Eventually I’m able to be happy for Nick, but only after wrestling with doubts about my intelligence and my inability to succeed in my professional life.

But as my wife reminded me, I am successfully following God’s call to Florida. I can’t predict what will happen when we get there, and I don’t expect to make a lot of money or earn any promotions. But I do expect to be satisfied by seeking first the kingdom of God, and letting all those other things be added to me as well.

One thought on “On The Road, Days 3-4: Burley, ID to Nebraska City, NE

  1. “Lord, I’m keeping my eyes on You, following You, following You.”….line from a Twila Paris song.

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