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On The Road, Day 1: Seattle, WA to Pendleton, OR

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Our first day on the road was unremarkable. I learned how to tow a trailer behind a minivan: Slowly.

Now we’re crashing out in a nice hotel at a 30% discount thanks to As we pulled into the hotel parking lot I found a smile growing on my face at the realization that everything we own is in the 5×8 trailer behind us. Lane and I both acknowledged during today’s drive that we could have, and probably should have, left even more at our house.

We both also agreed that God’s plans are often simple, but thanks to our “flesh” and our egos, His simple plans are often not easy to accomplish. They should be, but they’re not. God asked us to leave Seattle and move to Florida. Simple. But not easy, because we have things to sell, pack, and give away. When God called us to Florida, I wish I had stayed as simple as His calling. At it’s root, what is really required to move from one place to another? Not much, it turns out:

  1. A way to get from Point A to Point B
  2. A place to sleep at night while in transit
  3. Clothes to wear while in transit
  4. Food to eat and water to drink while in transit

Lane and I agreed that the next time God calls us to move, we will try to make things simpler. That will start with resisting the temptation to start buying “stuff” as soon as we land on our feet in Florida.

It’s late, I’m tired, I need to shower badly, and I have to apologize to my son for yelling at him at bedtime. Until tomorrow!

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