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God Doesn’t Do ‘Random’


If you and I have ever worshipped Jesus together I need you to read this post.

Have you ever experienced that moment when, through a seemingly random or tangential series of events, God answered your great, “What am I going to do with my life” question?

I think I experienced that moment this weekend after years and years of a frustrating spiritual and mental struggle between myself and God. But I’m not going to just spell it out for you…that wouldn’t be any fun! Instead I’m going to share with you some career-finding worksheets I’ve worked through recently, as well as remind you of some things about myself and my personality that you may already know.

Once you’ve read this post, reply and try to guess what it is I have in mind. After I have received a number of guesses I will reply with what God has laid on my heart.

First up is the personal-interest worksheet. Here is a list of key strengths I have and/or environments I thrive in:

– I am a quick-study
– I have an intense desire for learning
– I prefer a fast-paced environment
– I love risk-taking & creativity
– I have a very strong dedication to task
– I have superior written & verbal communication skills
– I love new experiences & meeting new people
– I also love advising others
– I need a constant stream of new information

Next up is a list of job attributes that I find most appealing:
– Believe in the organization
– Freedom
– Level of responsibility
– Opportunity to learn and grow
– Feeling of accomplishment
– Exciting
– Variety of tasks
– Fulfillment

…and here is a list of job attributes that didn’t make the list above:

– Salary
– Benefits
– Stress levels
– Commute
– Structured Environment
– Extra Perks
– Flexible Hours
– Advancement Opportunity
– Security
– Nice Facilities

I bet some of you who know me well are starting to get the picture. To firm that up for you let me share some additional personal details:

– I both struggle with and love the church, for what it is and what it could be
– I have two masters’ degrees: An MBA and a Masters in Ministry. The first degree was a necessity; the second, personal growth and joy
– Being an entrepreneur sounds exciting except for the part where the focus is on making money
– Spiritual gift test results show strong gifting in wisdom, administration, exhortation and leadership. Pastoring is much lower on the list

I’ve practically spelled it out for you at this point so go ahead and reply with your guess as to what you think God has put on my heart to pursue in the next season of my life. And yes, I will be reaching out to some of you for help because I have NO idea how to do what I’m about to attempt next. I LOVE IT!

13 thoughts on “God Doesn’t Do ‘Random’

  1. Motivational speaker? Good luck, whatever it is 🙂

  2. missionary or the startup of a non-profit with ministry tries

  3. Sounds like something related to Christian counseling.

    • Ok, we’re covering a wide spectrum of topics…your guesses could actually become a blog in and of themselves…it’s so interesting how people read the same lists and come up with such a wide variety of guesses! Thanks for contributing, Justin!

  4. Alright, I’m gonna go with international missions with a practical aspect of either helping small-business hopefuls get off the ground in underdeveloped countries. OR local missions with a practical aspect of Christian financial counseling.

  5. best husband in the world. Is that a career?

  6. Yes, best husband to your own wife IS DEFINITELY A CAREER!!!! IT’S A VOCATION! Yes, I said vocation, not vacation. Ask my husband. He’ll tell you. 🙂

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