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I Am The 52%


I cited a statistic in yesterday’s post “Courage” which revealed that 48% of evangelical Christians believe Bible study and prayer are enough to cure mental illness and prevent suicide. The statistic was mentioned in the context of CNN’s interview with Pastor Rick Warren as they discussed with him the tragic suicide of his son. In my post yesterday I said that I believe those 48% are idiots, and I stand by my assertion. They are idiots; they are simpletons. I think they’re probably also very sweet, loving people who have the best of intentions. They just don’t seem to want to think very hard about life’s difficult problems.

If Bible study and prayer were enough to heal a person do you think we would have such a high suicide rate in America? Do you think I would still be sick? Come ON people, use your brains. The world is not a simple place and it never has been. People who believe in simple answers like Bible study and prayer don’t have a good grasp on reality; they seem to believe only in simple problems.

So let me ask you 48%: Why did Rick Warren’s son kill himself? Why am I struggling so much? Do you think its because Pastor Warren’s son didn’t have enough prayer? Seriously, that’s your guess? And why am I so sick? Is it because I haven’t studied the Bible enough? Oh, wait, that’s right, I have a Master’s degree in Ministry…that can’t  be it…So what, am I irredeemable? Does your simpleton’s God not work for people like me? Was your God not able to save Pastor Warren’s son? Or is it possible that maybe, just maybe, life is a bit more complicated than Bible study and prayer, that some problems aren’t easy and their solutions are never black-and-white?

I think you 48% want to believe in simple problems, simple solutions and a simple God because the truth scares the crap out of you. I don’t think you can handle the truth (thank you, Jack Nicholson, for that line!) so you pervert Scripture and dumb it down to fit your simple world view. What truth, you ask? Why, only this: You can’t manipulate God or His plans with (puh-lease!) Bible study and prayer. Those of us who rebel against this system of “thought” (or lack thereof) are branded and labeled, persecuted and scorned, burned at the proverbial stake.

Fine. I don’t want to be associated with that kind of idiocy anyway.

5 thoughts on “I Am The 52%

  1. Seems to be a simplistic view of a very complicated issue. What a heart wrenching topic. I’d have to read the article and talk to all of the people polled to really get an idea of what each individual believes is at the heart of mental illness and suicide. It is complicated to really get at the heart of people through a poll/survey and easy to set up an us against them mentality. We can make endless groups of people based on different criteria, knowledge and backgrounds. I think the real point is that people are hurting and as a society we struggle to find the answers and solutions to an epidemic that is destroying lives. When I see hurt I do turn to prayer as a first step, ask for healing and guidance and peace in moving forward. With an honest heart presented before God I do believe in the power of prayer. I am also thankful for amazing minds that are at work in modern medicine and wise counsel. How can we work together to better support our loved ones and family that are struggling with such life and death issues? Please keep the conversations going. Let us know what has been beneficial to you and how you are still searching. What can we do, because I am confidant that no-one wants people in their lives to be hurting. Do not give up, that one day you can see the hope, joy, love, and healing going on in life all around you even through all of the pain and past.

  2. Looks like you should work a step 4 on this subject. 😉

    • Who, me? 🙂 Yeah, you may be right.

      • I get riled up by this as well. I had a pastor once tell a wounded wife of a sex addict to “have more sex with him” so that he would contain his urges, not realizing the problem or issues with sex addiction. A lot of these pastors just aren’t informed enough!

      • Get the f out of here! He did NOT say that!!! Oh my…Yeah, that’s like telling the wife of an alcoholic to have a few more drinks with him, or the husband of a heroin addict to try shooting up with her once in a while. Geez.

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