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Burn Your Life Down, And Start Over

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“You fulfill the tasks of your everyday life out of guilt and a sense of duty, rather than out of a passion for life.” – Mothers, Sons & Lovers, by Michael Gurian

Oh my God, that’s me, and I’m SO FUCKING SICK of living this way. This is a waste of a life. I’ve already had kids and fulfilled my “biological role” so without purpose and passion what point is there in going on? I want to burn my life down and start over, but I can’t because I’m afraid of what mom and dad will say. I’m convinced they’ll disapprove and find a hundred reasons why I’m wrong/stupid/etc., and they’ll expend immense energy to bring me around to their way of thinking. I’m afraid I’ll lose their love and approval if I don’t do what they think I should do, but I feel like I’m being smothered by my own life.

Follow my dreams, or play it safe? That always seems to be my choice. I wish I had the courage to chase down my dreams.

Do you wish you could burn your life down and start over? Are you living your own life, or the life someone else chose for you?

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