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Reacting To Criticism

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“You react to others’ criticism and their moods with childish responses, that is, with immediate fear that you are unloved by the critic. Sometimes this leads to early termination of relationships.” – Mothers, Sons & Lovers, by Michael Gurian

I do this all the time; in fact, I just went through this series of feelings a few minutes ago. I’d sent a text to a friend, and he wrote back a reply that was a bit terse…probably deservedly so. And in a few seconds my mind went through a couple scenarios where I basically “took my ball and went home”, or in this case, decided to withdraw from an activity he’s planning and not go. It’s like a toddler pouting in an adults body. Maybe it’s because I’m so insecure in who I am that I can’t stand to be around anyone who won’t give me ‘unconditional positive regard’, or the thing I wanted from Mom but never got…so I’m still looking for it.

How would you describe your initial reaction to criticism, especially from those closest to you? Do you think your response is age-appropriate? What could be causing your behavior?

One thought on “Reacting To Criticism

  1. Ah, all persons shall remain anonymous here…

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