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Difficulty Letting Go

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“You have difficulty feeling comfortable with closure in your relationships. You have difficulty letting go of parents, intimate partners, friends, children.”  – Mothers, Sons & Lovers by Michael Gurian

Even years after a relationship ends I find myself thinking about the person and wondering things like, “Do they still think about me? If so, how often?” I can’t seem to ‘stick a pin in it’ and say ‘It’s done’. I feel like that may be because those people were once a source of strong affirmation and I’m afraid to let that go, even though I know, intellectually, that there’s no chance of the relationship ever forming again.

In my head I have a mental image of a homeless woman hoarding her random bits of garbage, refusing or unable to see that the stuff she’s clutching are completely worthless.

I’m not living in reality, instead I’ve surrounded myself, or shrouded my mind, with a false sense of emotional security propped up by fantasy interests and relationships.

Do you have trouble letting go of relationships? Why do you think that is? How do you think it’s affecting your life today?

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