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If His Yoke Is Easy…


If Jesus’ yoke is easy, and if His burden is light (Matthew 11:30), why am I so damn tired?

  • Read the Bible (“…here’s a reading plan!”).
  • Pray (“…for at least 15 minutes!”).
  • Confess my sins.
  • Go to church on Sunday…and sometimes on Wednesday nights.
  • Dress to impress.
  • Watch my language.
  • Watch my thoughts.
  • Give the pastor an “Amen!” every time he asks for one.
  • Try to follow the pastor through yet another labyrinthine sermon.
  • Try to sit through the worship team’s ‘stirring rendition’ of a Chris Tomlin song.
  • Follow the pastor on Twitter.
  • ‘Like’ the church on Facebook.
  • Read the pastor’s blog.
  • Volunteer at church.
  • Tithe to the church.
  • Give to the children’s ministry.
  • Give to the youth ministry.
  • Give to the women’s ministry.
  • Give to the men’s ministry.
  • Give to special collections.
  • Sign up for special volunteer events.
  • Join a prayer group.
  • Lead a bible study group.
  • Join a marriage encounter group.
  • Attend special church events, conferences, retreats and fundraisers.
  • Sign your kids up for a group.
  • Ignore glaring church problems (“…there’s no perfect church!”).
  • Read ‘Christian’ books, devotionals, etc.
  • Listen to ‘Christian’ radio stations.
  • Watch Veggie Tales and the 700 Club.
  • Watch Joel Osteen sermons online.
  • Attend church business meetings.
  • Attend repetitive group leader training sessions.
  • Don’t drink (too much).
  • Don’t smoke (unless people can’t see you).
  • Don’t chew (see note above).
  • Be a ‘good Christian’ in public.
  • Be a ‘good Christian’ in private.
  • Model the ‘Christianity’ of my father’s generation.
  • Fulfill the spiritual expectations of my pastor, my in-laws, my parents, my wife, and my kids.
  • And, oh yeah, in my spare time: Make a living, raise a family, and ‘get a life’!

The yoke of the Church is no less onerous than the yoke of addiction…and I would know. Replacing one addiction (pornography) with another (religion) is not progress, it’s not healthy, and it sure as hell isn’t easy or light.

14 thoughts on “If His Yoke Is Easy…

  1. I know what you’re saying.

    I’ve been on a similar rollercoaster. What I’ve learned, though…and relearned…a few times. Well, maybe more than a few – is that while so much is needed, I can miss God in all of it.

    “How are you and God doing this week? “, my mentor and accountability partner asks me from time to time.

    That usually at least gets my attention and makes me own up.

    So I’ve experienced a deeper relationship with Him. Have been undoubtedly assured of His omnipresence and a bit of how He longs for me to let go and let Him lead me…like I’ve asked Him to do so many times.

    Yes, I know exactly where you are and what you’re talking about.

    My prayer for you and me is we are continued to be drawn to Him. For Him to lead our lives. That He instills in us a trust…a ruthless trust in Him.

  2. You forgot this one: Be ready to say “…all the time!” whenever the phrase “God is good” is uttered.

  3. I wonder if reading Matt. 11:30 within it’s context might not provide the rest this verse is meant to offer? The very offer of rest from Christ after He says, “Come unto Him all who labour and are heavy laden,” is rest from the very list you’ve provided here. He’s offering rest from the exhausting list/rule keeping that the Pharisees practiced and demanded of others as well as what you list above. A rest from trying to earn favour with God by “good deeds” for God that can only be found in His completed work for YOU on the cross. That work is all that is now needed to have favour with God, thus, taking His yoke on you IS easy b/c you get to put down that one you could never really carry anyways. The “yoke of the Church” as you call it is the very thing He tells you to put down. See the difference? Dunno if that’s helpful or not, but thought it worth mentioning.

  4. So RM, what do YOU perceive HIS YOKE to be? Obviously it isn’t this long list of things to “do”, as both you and outinthedeep point out. It’s easy to tear down the Church without offering a/the solution to the deficits you see. Perhaps you can offer your readers your understanding of “HIS YOKE” and how it IS EASY for us. (Jesus said it was easy so it is true because he does not lie.) That might be beneficial to your readers.

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