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The Church: Salvage Or Scrap?


Two weeks ago I wrote that I wanted the Church to fail (read the post here), and it’s true: I do want the Church, in its current form, to fail.

Luckily for me the Church is already failing. Pastors may claim an “American revival” and point to organizations like Mars Hill Church in Seattle as examples of the re-energized Church, but in my opinion these are the dying gasps of the modern Church.

Consider the many books about the emerging post-modern Church available today. The modern way of ‘doing Church’ is on the way out and pastors are scrambling to find the new model for ‘doing Church’ in the post-modern, post-Christian world. However, I believe many of these pastors go wrong in trying to design a future Church based on the modern Church platform. Building the post-modern Church on the modern model is like trying to build a new mansion on a cracked foundation, and it is a critical mistake to imagine the post-modern Church as the next step along a linear growth path from the modern Church.

Instead, let us look to the origins of the Church in first-century Palestine. Our post-modern world more closely resembles the spiritual atmosphere of the days Christ walked the Earth than any other time since. We shouldn’t be trying to build a post-modern Church on the ruins of the modern church; we should build our Church on the example given to us in Scripture:

  • A Church not adopted or supported by government (including tax breaks of any kind)
  • No paid church staff
  • No church programs, retreats, or age- and gender- separated ministries
  • Pastors supported only minimally, if at all, by a local congregation
  • Outreach efforts defined by examples of love and perseverance in the face of difficulty and persecution rather than vacation Bible camps

The modern Church is dying; let her go. Jesus Christ will raise up a beautiful new Church to replace His modern bride of failing health now corrupted and unbiblical…if we let Him.

2 thoughts on “The Church: Salvage Or Scrap?

  1. My previous silence was probably due to the apathy you reference in your next post. I’m tired. I’m tired of thinking about church and what’s wrong. I’m just doing my best to take advantage of the opportunities I can when I’m there. I recently started playing music for the grade schoolers at my church. When I go there to sing songs with those kids, my heart is burning, and I think, “I will be one who does not cloud them with bull****.”

  2. Enjoy thinking about The Church as not a charitable, tax deductible structure with all as unpaid staff. That is the Church infrastructure. The Church is also the people, the guitar playing with the children and these relationships are more the Church you envision? What’s a good book about post-modern Church? Sounds intriguing. Big Smiles.

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