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Breaking Up (With Your Church) Is Hard To Do


Romantic relationships and church membership are alike in more ways than you might imagine, and leaving a church is a lot like breaking up with someone you’ve dated for a while:

  1. You expend lots of time, money, and energy maintaining the relationship
  2. There’s a thrill when you first meet the church or person who could be ‘the one’
  3. One party is usually more committed than the other to the relationship
  4. You fall into, and out of, love with one another
  5. After a few years you end up with the same circle of friends
  6. As you get to know them, you either end up loving or hating their idiosyncrasies
  7. You come to realize that differences of opinion in certain subjects are too different for the relationship to work long-term
  8. At the end of the relationship there is always drama involved
  9. No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to be ‘just friends’
  10. Things get awkward when the relationship is over because your friends have to choose between the two of you
  11. After the relationship ends, you’re not interested in ‘getting involved’ again for some time
  12. Despite that fact, however, your friends will try to ‘fix you up’ with someone new when they hear you are ‘on the market’

Do you see any other similarities between these two scenarios?

2 thoughts on “Breaking Up (With Your Church) Is Hard To Do

  1. 13. The details of your break-up will often be misconstrued, overly dramatized, or greatly exaggerated. You will end up being both the villain and the victim at times.

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