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Congruent With Yourself


“We saw that God can show us what our buried aptitudes are, what our proclivities are, what we were made to do. As we let God remove that which we are not, and as we hear and try to be in fact what we potentially are, then we’ll be more authentic.” J. Keith Miller, A Hunger For Healing

Jesus said, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” The word for ‘perfect’ used here does not mean ‘perfect’ in the Greco-Roman sense of flawlessness, however. Instead it means ‘congruent with oneself’, or authentic. God is completely congruent with Himself; He is completely authentic. He is nothing more or less than what He is. Perhaps that’s why He chooses to identify himself as I AM, and nothing more. Thus my goal as a disciple of Christ is to imitate His perfection…not a flawless perfection (which is impossible for me) but instead an authentic perfection.

I must allow God to show me who I am and what my aptitudes are. I think He is doing this with my current job, in fact. For years I told myself I was no good at math, that I was a bad analyst, that I needed to find a new career because I would never succeed in my chosen career. Then God took me out of my addiction, got me some sobriety, and revealed to me that I am a very good, analytical thinker. I understand how math can solve real-world problems, and I am good at using formulas to solve business problems. God has shown me that some of my other gifts include public speaking and leadership, things which I denied were talents of mine until recently.

I don’t know what I was ‘made to do’, though I ask God to reveal my purpose almost every day. What I do know is that I need to be more authentic every day and allow God to reveal to me who and what I am.

Who is your authentic self? What do you think God made you to do?

4 thoughts on “Congruent With Yourself

  1. This is powerful, and I’ve been pondering similar things.
    I think God made me to notice. Often times, as we are going through our days, we encounter people who are toiling in dark places. I see this often in the customers who come to my store. These people seem to trust me easily, and I have to fight the temptation to push them away. Quite obviously, they need God in me.

    • My bus commute takes me through downtown Seattle every day, and let me tell you, there are a lot of men and women toiling in dark places there.

      Noticing others is a sign of compassion. It means you can take yourself out of your Self and actually witness the pain and suffering in others. I find that to be a rare gift; most people try to ignore the pain and suffering around them…or within them.

  2. So, does research for your FFB league count as “Continuing Education” towards your work? 🙂 I like your description of perfection as authenticity. This is something new to me, Authenticity is something very new to me that I am discovering. It’s a result of finding my identity in others and other things for my entire adult life. Now coming to grips with who I am and what God has in store for me, I am free to live one life fully and not multiple lives half-heartedly!

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