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Getting Ready for Winter Gardening in the Northwest, Part 1 – Kill Your Grass

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Hey all,

If you live in the Northwest and you want a winter garden this year, it’s time to start getting ready! Over the next few weeks I’m going to offer steps, tips, and tricks to help you set up a successful garden that will produce throughout the winter into spring. The advice I’ll give you is specific to the Pacific Northwest, and has been proven in my own garden over the past couple years.

First things first: Pick your garden plot area. If you don’t already have one, pick the part of your yard that’s going to get as much sun as possible for the next 4-6 months. Measure out a plot large enough for you to get your Green Thumb Fix; I’d recommend 200 square feet (10’W x 20’L) if you’re just starting out.

Now that you have your garden plot picked out, buy some grass and weed killer. Yes, this is an ‘organic gardening’ blog, but you’ve got to trust me. By the time you sow your seeds the herbicide will be long gone. You can get grass and weed killer from any major hardware store; do it this weekend, and thoroughly spray your designated gardening area. Buy extra herbicide and make sure you do a thorough job: It will cost a bit more now, but will pay dividends later.

That’s it for this weekend!

Your Next Steps:

  • Pick a spot with lots of sun

  • Measure out your plot (~200 sq ft)

  • Buy herbicide, and kill every green thing in your plot

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