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Self-Talk, Part 5: Addicted to Entitlement?

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Do you feel entitled to things or feelings? If you don’t get your way, do you get depressed or angry? Do you generally feel that ‘life sucks’, or do you catch yourself complaining frequently?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, read the following paragraph aloud twice a day for the next thirty days and watch your entire attitude change!

I am not entitled to things like success, love, or happiness. I do not expect or demand that my wants be met by other people or ‘the universe’ because of my inherent goodness or hard work. I negotiate for what I want and often get it. Because of my awareness that other people are unique and different, I realize there is no inherent reason why things should go my way. I experience negative outcomes as disappointments but not tragedies because I am a percentage player and I don’t expect perfect ‘justice’ all the time. I am patient and persistent and I have a high frustration tolerance.

Adapted from the Prodigals International Homecoming Recovery Manual

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