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Self-Talk, Part 4: Addicted to Perfection?

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Do you constantly demand perfection in yourself? Do you fear that life will collapse around you unless you are at your best 24/7? Does it seem that once you achieve one goal it is just replaced with another, and that your life has become a joyless, tedious treadmill?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, print out the following paragraph and read it aloud twice a day for the next thirty days…and gain freedom from your perfectionism!

I am not perfect; I cannot look, feel, think, and behave perfectly at all times. It is OK to be less than spectacular, and I have the capacity to set meaningful, flexible, and appropriate standards. I get great satisfaction from processes and experiences, and I am not exclusively fixated on outcomes. I don’t have to be outstanding at everything, and I don’t always have to try my best. Mistakes are golden opportunities to learn and confirm my humanity. I am productive because I am not compulsively preoccupied with detail correctness.

Adapted from the Prodigals International Homecoming Recovery Manual

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