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Self-Talk, Part 3: Addicted to Achievement?

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Are you concerned that you might be a workaholic? Are you afraid to go on vacation because of the impact to your business? Have you ever experienced depression when you were unable to work for short periods of time?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, print out the following short paragraph and read it aloud twice a day for the next thirty days…you will discover a new sense of self-worth that will free you!

I am not just a commodity in the marketplace. My sense of self-worth and my capacity for joy are not dependent upon my productivity. I enjoy creativity and productivity, but these things are not necessary to self-esteem and satisfaction. If business is difficult I do not doubt my own value, and I understand that economic and emotional depression are not the same things.

Adapted from the Prodigals International Homecoming Recovery Manual

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