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Self-Talk, Part 2: Addicted To Love?


Do you find yourself repeatedly in dependency-based relationships? Do you constantly need to feel ‘loved’ for validation? Conversely, do you find yourself pushing people away when they get too close, emotionally?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, print out the following paragraph and read it aloud twice a day for the next thirty days…you will see a difference in your relationships with friends and family!

I understand that love is desirable, but I have a wide range of other interests I find gratifying and fulfilling. Love is not a requirement for my happiness or self-esteem. I radiate a healthy sense of self-love and I am interested in many aspects of living. I do not adopt dependent, inferior, put-down roles in relationships with the people I care about.

Adapted from the Prodigals International Homecoming Recovery Manual

2 thoughts on “Self-Talk, Part 2: Addicted To Love?

  1. Very well said. I totally agree with you. It’s funny how people start to hurt themselves for the reason of ‘love’ where in fact love wasn’t created to be that way. Love is multifaceted and many looked at it the wrong way.

    God bless!

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