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Would You Die For A Lie?


“People will die for their religious beliefs if they sincerely believe they’re true, but people won’t die for their religious beliefs if they know their beliefs are false.” The Case For Christ, Lee Strobel

This quote comes from an interview in which Strobel is discussing the circumstantial evidence surrounding the Resurrection with J.P. Moreland, Ph.D. Moreland contends that one of the best pieces of circumstantial evidence supporting the Resurrection is the fact that many early disciples, and all but one apostle, died for their faith. In response Strobel notes that many people throughout history have been willing to sacrifice their lives for their beliefs including Muslims, Christians, Mormons, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists.

But of all these religious groups only one makes the radical claim that its founder rose from the dead, and that same group claims to have witnessed the risen leader.

Two thousand years later we must take a living Christ on faith, but Jesus’ earliest followers did not: They said they saw Him alive. Now, if they really saw Jesus alive after He died on the cross, their radical lifestyle changes and their willingness to die for the gospel makes complete sense; it’s exactly the kind of response you’d expect.

However, if the disciples claimed to have seen Jesus alive between the Resurrection and the Ascension but knew they had fabricated the story, would they have been willing to die for that lie? Consider it this way: If more than 500 people in North Korea today lied about witnessing the risen Christ in bodily form, how many executions do you think it would take to expose the falsehood? One?  Maybe five? I doubt it would take more than that to reveal the story as a hoax. So why couldn’t the brutalization and murder of the earliest Christians force them to recant their testimony of the Resurrection?

Strobel’s conclusion: Because the Resurrection actually happened; they couldn’t recant their testimony because it was true.

2 thoughts on “Would You Die For A Lie?

  1. Alright, Mongoose…now you are talking my language. “Are you raedy to die for what you believe?” in is a very good question. I was asked that by a member of the Aryan Nation who had just been released from prison after serving 17 years for manslaughter. I was confronted with that agina by a 230lb fireplug who was ready to take me apart. Later that same day he marched across the pavement into my face and asked, “Do you have a problem?”

    In another city a serious man told me, “I will find you on the street.” At the time I walked home on a known route in a small town after midnight four nights a week.

    I have had police put their hands on the butts of their guns and tell me I “needed to go inside.”

    I walked out of a motel room in Memphis into a 9mm while a cop asked me where I was going and told me to leave the area quietly.

    I spent 4 hours in a hotel room and walked away when I should have died.

    I, personally, IN YOUR FACE, have dealt with threats of death and imprisonment (for real) if I wouldn’t stop saying what I knew was true.

    For four months I sat beside someone who told me daily that I deserved to die, how they planned to kill me, what would be done with my body….and then I was asked to kindly provide and advanced suicide note.

    Am I ready to die for what I believe? How many imes must I prove it?

    Beliefs are powerful things, Mongoose. Oftentimes they demand sacrifice. Depper beliefs require deeper sacrifices.

    One must be careful to which beleifs they open themselves to, lest they die for nothing.

    • Thank you for opening up and sharing so much! I can’t say much about most of your comment, but I love your very last statement: “One must be careful to which beliefs they open themselves to, lest they die for nothing.”

      Indeed. Many people have died for their beliefs throughout history, as I noted in this post. But of all those sacrifices, which will be honored and which were for nothing? It is my hope that everyone would seriously consider their own beliefs so they do not sacrifice their lives in vain.

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