Three Taverns Church

Fire Your Insecurity


Dear Mr. Insecurity,

Due to the extremely poor results your efforts have returned over the past 20+ years, I am letting you go.

I want you to know that this is difficult for me. I’ve known you my entire adolescent and adult life and I don’t know what this company will look like without you. You were there the first time I asked a girl on a date; the first time I kissed a girl; heck, anytime I was ever around a girl. You used to hang out with me and my friends; you came to work with me; you went to school with me. For every major life event, and nearly ever minor one, you were right beside me. For years you whispered in my ear and told me I was not handsome enough for any girl, cool enough for my friends, talented enough for any job, or smart enough for school. According to you, I’m not really good for much at all! You kept me self-conscious in every social setting, always worried about the impression I was making with people. If I’m not mistaken, you and Mr. People-Pleaser were quite close. You two made me hyper-sensitive to what others thought of me so you could shape me and my behavior to whatever you thought other people would approve of.

I also seem to remember that every once in a while you acted erratically, in a way which seemed out-of-character for you. Rather than your generally obsequious behavior, every so often you rebelled against the establishment; you acted out radically against the expectations of others. While this seemed a change in conduct for you, it turns out it was just another side of your personality. You thought that rebelling against people’s expectations made you ‘secure’, but all that did was prove just how insecure you really were.

I’m tired, Mr. Insecurity. I’m tired of being always worried about what others think of me and how they perceive me. I’m tired of rebelling against their perceptions as well. I just don’t care anymore.

Some people say that humility isn’t thinking less of yourself (which is clearly your trademark attitude), humility is thinking of yourself less. I’ve come to realize that I am not the center of the universe; people generally don’t care much what I’m doing or what I look like. It turns out I’m not even the center of my own universe, if you can believe that!

God is the center of the universe, Mr. Insecurity, and it is with His son Jesus Christ that I am going to replace you. You see, the antidote for your brand of poison, your antitheses, is not a self-made synthetic ‘security’ based on qualities I try to conjure up. I cannot make myself ‘secure’ to combat your insecure attitudes and actions. The cure for you is the humility of Jesus Christ. With the humility of Christ inside of me I won’t think less (or more) of myself, I will simply think of myself less. I will be less self-conscious, less concerned what others think of me, less concerned with whether other people approve of my religion, theology, spirituality, politics, parenting style, or physique.

One day I hope to model the kind of true security that can only be found in the person of Jesus Christ; the kind of security that can walk into a Roman palace filled with people who hate me, and know that their hate does not make me less.

3 thoughts on “Fire Your Insecurity

  1. this is great! it has inspired me to write my own Ms. Insecurity letter – thank you!

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