Three Taverns Church

Fire Your Disrespect


Dear Mr. Disrespect,

My goodness, you really do think you’re smarter than everyone else, don’t you? Well you won’t be able to ‘outsmart’ this one: you’re fired. Yes, that’s right: You are being let go; we’re going in a different direction; we’re not renewing your option.

I know it is tough being smart and talented; it’s true that during your time with our company you were often the smartest person in the room. I’m not saying that to inflate your ego, I’m just stating a fact. However, you took your advantage in intellect too far and came to the conclusion that no-one else was ever right if they disagreed with you. It never entered your mind that intelligence is not the only determining factor in whether a person is right or not, or that other people might have greater intelligence or experience than you. You treated your fellow co-workers and our company’s clients with disrespect and contempt; you were frequently rude, heaping scorn on anyone foolish enough to publicly disagree with you.

You seemed to have a particular dislike for people in authority. I spoke with a friend of mine, a psychologist by trade, and he says your rejection of authority is quite common of people with military backgrounds. Apparently you had such a bad experience with authority figures in the military that you learned to reject nearly all authority on sight. Your supervisors here at the company had to fight out of the gate to earn your respect, a feat they were rarely able to accomplish. You dismissed our greatest leaders out-of-hand and made them prove themselves to you, though of course you had no experience to judge them against. No, you simply had a mental picture of how things should be, and when those in authority over you failed to fulfill that mental picture you challenged their authority at every turn.

We are replacing you with a man named Jesus Christ. Jesus is the most respectful man I’ve ever met. I truly wish I could be more like him; perhaps, with him working at our company, I can learn from him. Let me give you an example of just how respectful Jesus is: Though He could correct the mistakes of this company in a flash, He allows us to continue in our mistakes because He respects our personhood more than anything else in the world. He is willing to allow us to suffer, and eventually (hopefully!) learn from our mistakes because of His ultimate respect for our right to make our own choices. Furthermore, Jesus is completely willing to accept the righteous authority of His Father in heaven. Rather than reject His Father, even when His Father asks Jesus to do difficult things, Jesus instead is completely obedient to God. Jesus even allowed Himself to die a torturous death on a cross because it is what His Father wanted…that is respect!

Though I’m sure you’ll disagree with me, Mr. Disrespect, I think this move really is best for both of us. You now have the chance to learn and grow, while our company has the chance to replace you with Jesus Christ, and learn about Him.


Rabid Mongoose

2 thoughts on “Fire Your Disrespect

  1. “Jesus even allowed Himself to die a torturous death on a cross because that is what His Father wanted…that is respect!” …..keeping in mind that Jesus was in full agreement with this plan of His Father, even though He did ask if there might be another way of accomplishing the same goal.

    It sometimes seems more difficult to remain respectful when one disagrees with the authority calling the shots! Ego, ego, ego! “I am the center of my universe AND the center of THE UNIVERSE!

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