Three Taverns Church

Fire Your Lust


Dear Mr. Lust,

You are one of my oldest and dearest friends so it pains me to have to let you go, but I simply cannot afford to pay you anymore. As you are aware the cost of doing business is going up these days and I need to free up as much spiritual, intellectual, and emotional capital as possible to stay competitive in the marketplace.

You and I spent a considerable amount of time together lusting after women and wanting to be lusted after by them. Over the years you and I did nearly everything together. We watched pornography, went to the beach and the mall, attended school and church; we were inseparable. To be honest there were times when I genuinely enjoyed our time together, though this is now much to my shame as I recognize you for what you really are: idolatry.

Over the past year or so I began to realize that what had once been a mutual partnership for coping with the more painful aspects of this business became a dependency-based relationship: I couldn’t go anywhere without you. Even when I wanted to be alone you were there. It dawned on me one day that you and I were no longer really friends or even business associates: You were my master and I was your slave. You became a part of nearly every aspect of my life, and you dominated every one of my business endeavors with your lust, greed, neediness and idolatry. Business decisions were no longer evaluated based on logic, reason, or intellect, but were instead judged on the basis of whether or not you might finally be satisfied.

Of course you are never satisfied, are you Mr. Lust? It seemed the only way to get relief was to give in, but the more often I gave in to you the more often I needed to give in to you. I was your slave, and you were my master.

Then one day I met a man named Jesus Christ; He is unlike any other man I have ever met. Nearly every man I know also struggles with you; you have somehow wormed your way into the hearts of men, but not Jesus. There is something all-encompassing and self-fulfilling about Jesus that does not need lust for fulfillment. Not once has His heart yearned for validation through you. Since we met Jesus and I have stayed in regular contact, and it is on His advice that I am letting you go. As I noted above, the cost of business is going up, and with the help of Jesus Christ I am taking this company into more spiritually competitive markets. Jesus convinced me that the only way I can compete with the World is to shed its hold on me, and in my case that means shedding you.

Normally it would sound improbable that a slave could throw off the yoke of his master, and I acknowledge that if I attempted this in my own power it would be impossible. But while you are the master of many men, Jesus Christ is the Master of all men and He has the power to exchange your yoke for His. Though your yoke of lust is oppressive, enslaving, condemning, shaming, maddening, destructive and hurtful, Jesus’ yoke is easy and His burden is light. Already Jesus has freed me from time to time; a few minutes here, a few hours there. Those moments of freedom from you were so sublimely exquisite that words cannot adequately describe the joy I felt.

Goodbye, Mr. Lust.


Rabid Mongoose

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  1. Wow. Bookmarking this one.

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