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How To Pray For Those You Resent


“I was told to pray for the person I resented, asking for him or her what I wanted for myself.” SA White Book, Step 7

I love this quote! I have heard that I should pray for people I am angry at, but never what I should pray for. When I prayed in the past for people I was angry or resentful at I would ramble on, asking God to ‘bless them’ but never really knowing what I should say…and of course I didn’t really want to pray for them anyway, so without some kind of direction my prayers were very vague and not very heartfelt.

I commented in one of my blog posts this week that it seems the things I get most angry about with regard to others are the things I resent most about myself. With that in mind it makes perfect sense that when I pray for people who I am angry at (for things which I am really upset with myself about) I should turn that thinking around and pray for the blessings I wish I had myself. It is a weird sort of paradoxical thinking, but I can see how it would work. When I pray for others to be blessed in the ways that I wish I was blessed I am putting them above myself. It’s like taking a gift God wants to give me and passing it on to the person I am angry or resentful at. There is definitely an element of a ‘servant’s attitude’ in that thinking, and something that feels very Christ-like about it.

Therefore, in keeping with this recommendation, here is my prayer today:

Father, please bless the leaders of Your church with wisdom and understanding, and keep them free from sin and all unrighteousness. Please place Your Holy Spirit in them and fill them with Your power and might so that they can continue to win souls for You and Your kingdom. Give Your church leaders the humility to surrender their sins to You, and help them to forgive those who sin against them. Lord Jesus, I pray that You would powerfully bless the ministry of the leaders of Your church across the country and around the world who are trying to serve You to the best of their ability. Lift them up when they are down and bear them on the wings of eagles. Empower the ministry of the leaders of Your church, bless them, and help them to reap a tremendous harvest for You. God, please love the leaders of Your church and be with them as they strive to fulfill Your will on earth.


4 thoughts on “How To Pray For Those You Resent

  1. “Well done, My good and faithful servant!” 🙂

  2. Great prayer.

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