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Never Say Never


I did so poorly in high school math that I swore I would never have anything to do with numbers again; now I am a Financial Analyst.

The week I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree I told everyone I was done with school forever; I now have two Master’s degrees.

I grew up in Hawaii and like many other kids there I hated the military; I told my dad I would never join. Years later I separated from active duty in the Air Force as a Captain.

I could go on…

Michael Dwinell, author of Fire Bearer, contends that we can never say “Yes” to God until we have said “No” to Him first:

“Moses said, ‘No, I will not go. No, I will not go.’

Isaiah, pleading that he was a man of unclean lips, refused.

Peter, saying he was a sinner, balked.

Even Jesus in the garden wished that the cup should be taken from him.

All of them had been called by God, and all of them said, in some way, ‘No.’”

I have said “No” to God’s plans for my life (and seen those “No’s” turn to “Yes”) often enough to validate Dwinell’s conclusion, yet I find myself saying “No” to God again: “No, I don’t want to be a pastor; I’ll never let myself get ‘trapped’ in a church! There is so much I love about the body of Christ, but there are also many other things that make me so mad I want to break something.”

I wonder, God will get the last word on this issue?

When have you told God “No” in the past, and what was the result? What are you saying “No” to Him about today?

7 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. Your life story is really an inspiration for youth. I am a highschool mathematics teacher and math is indeed dreaded by almost everyone. After some convincing on which course to take in college, I was able to find one. Now he’s taking BS Math. But really, fear over it is only a “mind” thing. We can be what we wanna be as long as it is GOD’s will and we just never say never. Great post!

  2. I told God “No!” for about a year a few years ago. Travis and I had been heavily involved in a mega church in Grapevine and there came a day when we had reached our limit. There were so many things about this church that raised red flags; things I know that are not theologically sound. I felt so betrayed by these things within the church and the people that clapped and cheered this on that I ran. I ran from that church and I ran from God. I remember thinking…and saying out loud – “If THIS is church and if THIS is what God is about, I’m out.” Looking back I almost feel bi-polar. I was very angry at God for this and I did not want to go to church AT ALL…but I would get upset if my husband didn’t push me to go. I had this overwhelming need to be worshiping Him…even with my arms crossed and a grumble in my mind. God would not let me turn away from Him. He would not let walk the path of unbelief. I can honestly tell you in was a battle in me and He won. After my brother died in Dec I had a break down and I beat my fist against His chest but He still would not let me go.

    The thing that struck me about your post is the part where you said “I’ll never let myself get ‘trapped’ in a church! There is so much I love about the body of Christ, but there are also many other things that make me so mad I want to break something.”

    I’ve learned I’d rather be “trapped” where God wants me to be than have to live with the constant running away from Him. It’s exhausting! All of those things that you ‘hate’ about the body – God is giving you a chance to make right for someone else. If you run it might not ever get better.

    Good grief this was long. Sorry.

    • That was fantastic! Don’t every apologize for sharing on this blog. I really identify with the internal battle you describe…it’s like a part of me really doesn’t want to go to church or be a part of the ‘body’ any more, but there’s a bigger part that can’t stop going, that can’t let go. I guess it’s God, and He won’t let me go…which is really good news, I know.

  3. My mom told me not to marry someone in the military. I said, “that will never happen”…my husband writes this blog, so you know the rest. The military was an adventure, a big, exciting adventure.

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