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Baptized Into Death


“As death’s friend, priest invites us to the edge of our abyss, urging us to topple in.” Michael Dwinell, Fire Bearer

  • Jesus tells Peter how he will die; Peter embraces his fate (John 21:19)
  • Standing on the roof of the skyscraper, Morpheus invites Neo to abandon everything he knows in the face of certain death and leap across the impossible gap (The Matrix)
  • Sitting at a kitchen table, Tyler Durden pours lye onto his own hand and tells himself he must endure the pain. Later, Tyler will reveal that to live a man must know he will die…and then releases the car’s steering wheel (Fight Club)
  • Standing over Private Blithe’s foxhole, Lieutenant Spiers explains that the private is afraid because he has not surrendered to the inevitability of death (Band of Brothers)

You are going to die.

If your first reaction to that statement was, “How morbid!” or “That’s not very appropriate” then you are playing Satan’s shell game. Our enemy loves to keep us preoccupied with our careers, family lives, church obligations, and a myriad number of other distractions so we can avoid thinking about our fate. On those rare occasions when we are lucky enough to have a ‘near-death experience’ Satan’s blinders are temporarily removed from our eyes and we come to understand that death does not limit or cut short our lives; rather, life is made more precious in the company of death.

Facing death is frightening, and we generally prefer safety to glory. Satan knows this and is glad; he does not want us to acknowledge our mortality. For if you can accept that someday you will die regardless of your best efforts to the contrary, you will be ready for the glorious truth which is learned from acceptance of that fact: You have nothing to lose. Your life is already lost; it is inevitable. The ‘when’ and ‘where’ are yet to be determined, but it is going to happen. If you have already died at some future point, you lose nothing by dying sooner and gain nothing by dying later.

Armed with this truth we become truly dangerous to the evil one. We can give our lives away because we understand that they are already lost. We can give our money away because we know it’s already gone. We can surrender our egos, our lusting, our greed and our anger because we are already dead, and the dead do not sin.

If you are a disciple of Jesus, you were once baptized into death; open your eyes now to the life that awaits you.

4 thoughts on “Baptized Into Death

  1. This hits home for me. I mean thinking about being in a box is frightening. My brother committed suicide in Dec of 2011 and I remember for the first couple of weeks feeling this overwhelming need to bring him a blanket. I had this fear that he was so cold. Since then Satan has used death as a way to leave whip marks on my skin. Soon after my brother died my husband said some off the wall comment that sent me into a tailspin. We were talking about remarriage after a death (my brother was 29 so his wife will more than likely remarry). My husband said that he was certain that my sister in law would want to be buried next to her new husband when she died. Oh. That statement made me feel so alone and made me feel sad for my brother that he would never see my sister in law laid beside him. (I’m a believer but death does some weird things to your mind.) It took me a month or two to really get past that statement. Lately, Satan has been using death against me with my children. I get overwhelmed sometimes thinking that my children might die before me.

    I think Satan uses death both ways depending on which way cripples you more. Sorry didn’t mean to take up so much commenting room!


    • Hi Krissy,
      First let me say, I’m so sorry for your loss. It can be very traumatic emotionally, physically and spiritually to lose someone who is near and dear to us. It is a shock to our system and to our “world”! And it is so difficult for those around us to know what to say to us at that emotionally charged time. Their world is rocked too. And sudden, accidental, and/or self-inflicted deaths can be even more traumatic. :(.

      We think about our other loved ones, especially our children, at such a time because we don’t want to lose them too! Yes, it all becomes a reality check, a time of reflection. Death is looking back at us and asking important questions. You already know the questions. They run through your mind and demand answers. Yes, the devil will try to terrorize us from any angle.

      BUT GOD ! Yes, BUT GOD! Thankfully you are a believer in God, Yes! Believing that He is carrying you and your family and friends through this difficult time. It is an honor and a privilege to have been loved by others so much that they grieve one’s passing. Hug your husband and kids, Krissy and hold each other close at this time. And may the Peace of God that surpasses understanding heal your broken hearts. Peace.

  2. Also, commenting space is pretty cheap around here, so feel free to expound at will. 🙂

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