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Inappropriate Behavior


Below is an e-mail I had to send today…it’s been sanitized to protect the identity of the parties involved. Let this serve as a warning to you other bloggers out there:

<Dear sir>,

I think it is unacceptable for you to call me at my home at 11pm at night to discuss my blog. The only time such a late call would be warranted is if there was an emergency, which frankly I don’t think my blog would ever be. You could’ve woken up my family and frightened us.

I do not want to call you or meet with you in person to discuss this issue further because I do not want to suffer any more verbal and emotional abuse.

I am not employed by you or <your organization> in any capacity, nor has <your organization> or any of its staff ever been named in any of my blog posts. If you don’t like my blog, stop reading it. If you’ve got a problem with something I’ve said in the blog, comment on the blog. That is the appropriate forum for discussion about my blog topics; late-night phone calls to my home are not.



6 thoughts on “Inappropriate Behavior

  1. You go, Mongoose! Idiot snapperheads who think they can insert themselves into your life and be excused. people stick their noses inmy world nastily, I whip out an 18 inch Corby and shave them closely.

    I’ll yell you what, man…if ever I can help, call. 20+ years od martial arts… some in close technicques gauranteed to make you OPPONENT’S head spin and a few little tricks they mimic in the movies when they pretend blood is splattering.

    You are too nice. “If you don’t like it, just comment>” No way, dude. this is MY space and if you want to come into itl ike ass, cover your neck because I will take your proverbial head!

    I understand and appreciate loyalty and I return it. You have been nothing but nice and gracious to me and I thnk you, but not with just empty words everyonecan say.

    Honeybadger U. We are the fiercest! You give me the time and place and, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll stand back-to-back with you and help you split heads.

    I know how to repay kindness.

    • LOL! Thanks John, I’m sure that won’t be necessary, but I appreciate the sentiment. Thank you also for your continued and faithful reading of this blog; I hope it adds value to your life. Have a great day! R.M.

  2. This really happened? Obviously, someone who knew how to reach you but also someone stepping out of line in blogging “etiquette”.

    I guess you probably hear all kinds of things.
    All I know is your posts make me stop and think often of my relationship with my Father in ways I either never have or haven’t in a long time. I thank Him for using you this way.

  3. Thank you, bob. Yes, it really happened…quite sad, actually. Anyway, thank you for the comment. I told my wife, “Yes! This is why I write! I just want people to stop and think about what our Father really wants of us.” So I truly appreciate your words and I am also thankful He is using me.

  4. Sounds like you’re sending the right message with your blog, Brother. If someone is getting uncomfortable, maybe they will recognize it for what it is and ask God to change their hearts.

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