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The Day God Changed My Life


One of our readers challenged me today to reflect on those moments when’s God’s love and majesty overwhelmed me in the past. While I’m of the mind that disciples of Jesus Christ should always be learning and growing in faith, this reader’s point is well taken: We should not stray from that which first caused us to fall in love with Jesus.

Today I’d like to share a journal entry I wrote the day God changed my life forever. I’ve only shared some of these details with the people closest to me up until now, so I hope you’ll be kind. There may be statements that you need clarification on; if so, feel free to ask questions.

Without further ado:

April 14, 2010

“OK, I can’t believe I haven’t written this down yet. I made a journal entry in another book about connecting with God, but didn’t write down the 2nd, potentially more amazing story.

As I was riding the bus home and looking out the window, I was struck, as if by lightning, with the sudden knowledge that there was a plan to this world. That things are laid out according to His plan. I felt it so strongly that I could almost see his pattern laid over the scene I was driving past. It was unbelievable. It still is unbelievable, and I’m writing this five days later.

I also, during those moments, had a tremendous calm settle over me, and I felt the hand of God on my chest, with Him saying to me, “Be calm. This world is ordered according to My will. Everything is as it should be.” In that moment I KNEW that God was real. I was no longer taking it on faith. I have been searching so long for this feeling, I can hardly believe it’s finally happened. As sure as this journal book is red, as sure as I’m writing with a pen at this very moment, I KNOW THAT GOD IS. Here’s the other revelation I had five days ago.

God IS everywhere and in all things.

You see Him when you connect with another soul. This is why Jesus said, “When two or more are gathered in my name, I am there…” So that each can look into the eyes of God. You can be shown the way, but each man can only save himself. I have been given a gift today. Thank you, God.

Oh, and one more thing (I was already starting to forget!) about that moment…the calm was so pervasive and intense that I remember thinking, ‘This is what the great war heroes, the great heroes of life, must have been feeling when they did whatever heroic act they did.’ Because the calm was unbelievable, the knowledge that there was a God and that the world is ordered according to his plane, made me feel like I could do anything. And I mean that.”

Our reader was correct: I should never forget this moment. I should never forget the day God reached into my life to break my constant fascination with myself and wake me up to the reality of Himself.

5 thoughts on “The Day God Changed My Life

  1. My dear mongoose…btw, I love Rikki Tikki Tavi…mongooes (mongeese) are cool. I have personally owned ferrets Right now, though, as the president of HoneyBadger U, I feel compelled to tell you we are the nastiest creatures on earth. Personally, I think GOD infused some Komodoa Dragon inmy little honey badger body because I am especially mean. Honey badgers look at me and say, “Damn, he is mean.”

    Basically, a crazy mean honey badger that has the bite and bacteria of a Komodo, a creature that, by your proximity you know has the skills to pick your most secret cleaner than an elk is by hyeannas (omg…i know that elk are not where hyennas are..can you take a joke?)..anyway..that crazy mean creature that would make Hyde say “Wow, that’s too extreme for me” is in your face on the heels of your request to be kind.

    You are my most favorite person today! I hear so much that makes sense to me. God has a plan an there is no coincidence..Rom 8:28. A crazy calm-peace surpassing understanding. I hear you, brother.

    I am one of those idiots that proclaim a childhood conversion. I know…since I have know HIM solong, I should be better by now, right? Get your expectations off me. My GOD loves me like I am and HE will make me better on HIS timeline that started before eternity. If you can’t answer where you were when HE set the boundaries for the oceans, you weren’t there when HE set my limits either. Asking either is equally offensive.

    You keep going. I can tell you it will be hard, but if you can manage to hear HIS voice every day, it is bearable and the payoff is HUGE.

    May I have my passport stamped now?

    • John, my friend, I’m glad i’m your favorite person today. I must say that was one of the strangest posts I’ve ever read.
      I will keep searching and listening for His voice…i don’t have much of a choice, anyway…He ruined me that day.

  2. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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