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Overcoming Fear – The Price of Confronting Your Fear


I have to admit that this series is not turning into the successful experiment I initially hoped for. Ironically, admitting that fact confronts my fear of failure, as well as my fear that people will quit reading this blog because I had a ‘bad idea’. It turns out that I don’t have the opportunity to confront a fear every day…what a blessing! Rather than a series I believe this should be an ‘occasional topic’; you can bet that I will write about overcoming fears in the future as the opportunities arise.

As an end this series I want to discuss my fears about writing this blog, and the realization of some those fears. When I began this blog my intention was to provide myself with a creative outlet. In just a few short days, however, God ‘hijacked’ my blog and began using my posts as a form of ministry to those dealing with pornography addiction. I knew that I would have to disclose my own history if I was to have any credibility with readers on the subject, and that scared me. I also knew that it would be selfish of me to allow my fears of judgment and rejection to stop me from trying to help others.

As you might imagine, some of my fears have come to pass. My social calendar is much more open than it used to be, and it’s been weeks since I’ve heard from some of my best friends. Of course that might just be a coincidence. And while some of the men at my church are acting notably different around me (or outright avoiding me), other men and women are very supportive and go out of their way to encourage me.

In closing I want to leave you with a final thought: You must challenge your fears to overcome them, but when you do you will pay a price. That price might only be your ignorance, as you learn something new about yourself. Or it might be something more meaningful to you. Be ready.

5 thoughts on “Overcoming Fear – The Price of Confronting Your Fear

  1. It did make me wonder right at the beginning why you put some exemptions on your challenge. Maybe there are some fears you are not ready to take on? Thoughts?

    • I think my intention was to challenge the ‘irratonal’ fears in my life. Doing something that is almost guaranteed to result in serious injury or death is dumb and is a ‘good’ fear to have, from a self-preservation perspective (unless, of course, it conflicts with my faith)…So yes, there are probably some fears I’m not ready to face, but I just don’t have the chance to confront a lot of fear on a daily basis.

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  3. It’s crazy how God has a tendency of “hijacking” our plans, huh? 🙂 I often think He lets us get started, then starts moving us in a direction we didn’t expect. And our reaction is like “wait a minute, God, this is the wrong way!” (can you hear the GPS voice saying, “re-calculating”?) Then we get further down the path and now our reaction is “OOHHHHHHHH, now I see. WOW!” And God is just there shaking His head as if to say, “After all this time, after all these little journeys and detours, and you’re still not ready to trust Me instinctively?”

    Just shows how much we still have to grow…

    • LOL…yeah…’re-calculating’… 🙂 You’re right, I do have a long way to grow. I should trust Him instinctively but because I’ve allowed other people (leaders, parents, etc.) to define my image of God, which has made me a bit gun-shy…

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