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Overcoming Fear – Day 3 Follow-Up

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I have no new fear to write about today…and I asked God all day for a challenge! So instead I’ll quickly post a follow-up on my Day 3 post. I spoke with my former peer and current boss about becoming a better analyst; in was a humbling experience to be sure. There was also a part of me that rebelled at the idea of embracing a career I’m not crazy about. But there’s not much else I can get paid to do, and maybe being an analyst wouldn’t be so bad if I was really good at it…

My boss was very receptive to my suggestion, and said it’s important to him that I feel like I’m growing because that will improve my long-term success and happiness. In fact, he started the learning process today, walking me through an e-mail I’d sent and explaining the various levels of thought and management I needed to address in the message. I’d already guessed at the things he talked about, but it was good to hear him explain in concrete terms what I needed to do; it should make future job performance better.

Wish me luck in finding a fear to confront tomorrow!

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