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How far would you go?


There is a co-worker in my office who is displaying the same behaviors I did when I was active in my pornography addiction. This man has told me he is a Christian and has asked for pastoral advice in the recent past. I am strongly tempted to speak to him and possibly refer him to this blog, but in doing so I would be revealing a part of my past that is not known in my workplace.

I find myself asking how much I really believe in helping other people. Am I willing to help others only when it is ‘easy’, or am I willing to take a risk and do the right thing regardless of the price I may pay later? I think the real question is this: Will I let my decision-making be controlled by fear or love?

I probably just talked myself into the answer, but I’m curious: What would you do?

3 thoughts on “How far would you go?

  1. That’s bold. If your co-worker does read this bolg eventually, will they see this post? I would pray about it for a couple of days, maybe even start asking then some questions each day about how they are doing. And then say something like..”I have felt that way before because….addiction…..behavior….help…” I don’t really know, I am just talking. This is a tough one because you don’t want to lose the person as a friend at work. Outing yourself is much less of a concern, I think. You have already made your information available through this blog.

  2. Yeah, I think praying for the right opportunity is the key. We all have faith in you to make the right decision and even more faith in God to lead in the timing of if & when the discussion takes place.

  3. Thanks to you both for the good advice. Anonymous, I did pray after reading your post and I felt like it wasn’t the right time yet. But I do believe that time will come. NewView, thank you for the vote of confidence, that means a lot!

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