Three Taverns Church

2 weeks ’til planting…

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My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her husband came over for Easter dinner. I don’t do small talk so once dinner was over I headed outside to work on prepping the garden plot. I spread 10 cu. ft. of steer manure compost over the space (~250 sq. ft) along with several cups of homemade organic fertilizer spread liberally about (4 parts alfalfa meal, 1/2 part bone meal, 1 part lime (dolomite & horticultural)).

I borrowed my neighbor’s tiller and spent about 45 minutes tilling the ground 6-8″ deep. The overwintered green manure (I chose clover for the nitrogen it puts in the soil while growing) got churned up along with the compost and fertilizer to create a very nice mixture for planting. I expect to put my first seeds in the ground in two weeks, which should give the green manure time to break down and allow the soil system to return to a normally functioning state.

This time of year it’s hard for me to have patience…I so badly want to start planting and growing things! But we had a late winter this year and I’ve got to wait until conditions are right.

The overwintered mustard greens are starting to pick up a bit, and man are they hot! They will cook down quite nicely in a stir fry coming soon to our kitchen. My wife wants to put them in a salad, but…I don’t know if I’m man enough for a salad that spicy…

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