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Question 19: Do I have Bible verses posted throughout the house?

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I might be starting some family drama with this post, but here we go…

When I first visited my sister-in-law’s condo I thought she was a nut. She seemed nice enough, but she had printed Bible verses out on a computer and taped those verses all over the place. I thought, “If you want to read Bible verses, what’s stopping you from just…reading the Bible? Why put signs all over the house?” I think my wife tried doing this a few years ago; I told her, “Nuh-uh, too tacky. They look terrible! If you want to buy a nicely framed verse, that would be OK.”

Today I am still not a fan of taping plain white paper to the walls of our house but I am a big fan of putting verses out where they are easily seen. Putting Bible verses around the house:

  • Helps me memorize Scripture
  • Breaks my focus from my internal struggles and turns my focus toward God
  • Reminds me of God’s promises concerning  my life
  • Makes me feel like God is talking to me as I walk from room to room
  • Allows me to string together thematic and narrative verses into something resembling a storyboard

Putting a few verses around the house is probably a good idea for every disciple of Christ; it is a necessity for those of us who struggle with compulsion and addiction. As much as I hate tacky house décor I admit that I have a sheet of small, lined notebook paper taped to the wall of my bedroom with Jeremiah 17:7-8 hand-written on it. I have read that small piece of paper more than once as I got ready for bed, my mind struggling in the Addiction Cycle. More than once that piece of paper has given me hope in the mornings when I woke up full of guilt and shame. A small lined piece of paper with God’s Word written on it is, occasionally, the only thing that gets me out of bed.

Today’s Challenge: Print or write out your three favorite verses of Scripture today and tape them up in strategic places around your house: your bedroom wall near your pillow; your bathroom mirror; on the cabinet above the coffee maker. If you want to dress these up a bit you can add a photo or (if applicable) have your kids draw a picture on the paper.

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