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Question 17: Are you planning any activities today?

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It is beautiful in Seattle today. It’s days like today that make the 300+ days of grey and rain worth it. My family and I went hiking and had a wonderful time. But it’s tough to want to do things like go hiking when you are having a tough time or when you fall into the Addiction Cycle, isn’t it? Instead you want to isolate yourself and withdraw from the world because of the mental anguish you feel.

You must fight that temptation! When I am in the Addiction Cycle nothing is better for me than going hiking with my family. The exercise provides my brain with the right neurochemicals. Spending time with my family reminds me of my priorities and gives me a reason to fight. Instead of being isolated I am surrounded by the people who love me the most.

When you are having a tough day, when you are in the Addiction Cycle, you must plan activities to distract yourself and give yourself time to recover from the Cycle. Hiking, cleaning the house, meeting a friend for coffee, going to church, going to a meeting…you’ve got to plan to do something. Fight that temptation to isolate yourself!

Well, I’m going to be honest: After 4 miles of hiking and the same 4 miles of trail running (I went back up the trail without my family the 2nd time) I’m. I am going to spend some time enjoying the rare sunshine. And I’m going to spend some time thinking about the day Jesus spent in the tomb between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

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