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Question 15: Am I reading recovery literature?

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Everyone can benefit from reading ‘recovery literature’. I led a growth group at my church a few months ago, and the focus of the group was the book “A Hunger for Healing” by J. Keith Miller. As far as I know I was the only person in the group who was also a member of a recovery program, but all of us grew personally as a result of reading the book.

When you are in the Addiction Cycle the stories and testimonies of those you read about in books like “A Hunger for Healing” will help you process your own feelings. You will see that many other people have faced exactly the same kind of pain and difficulty you are experiencing, and they were able to pull through. You will read stories of people who went through hell and stayed sober; these are very encouraging tales. You will also learn real-world tools you can use to solve life’s daily problems.

There are two reasons I love this Question:

  1. Every problem and emotional challenge faced by modern man is addressed in recovery literature. People have a tendency to think they are the only ones that deal with a certain problem or particular sin; recovery books will shatter that myth for you. You will see that you are not alone and  that there is a solution for you
  2. Everyone has at least one addiction in their lives. For non-recovery types this statement may sound shocking or offensive, but I believe reading a recovery book will open your eyes. (I plan on writing a series discussing ‘unacknowledged addictions’ in the near future)

Today’s Challenge: Borrow or buy a copy of J. Keith Miller’s book “A Hunger for Healing”. Even if you are not a candidate for a recovery program this book has powerful stories and tools that will change your life.

One thought on “Question 15: Am I reading recovery literature?

  1. Can I borrow your copy?

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